Canada should take Syrian refugees 

  The attacks in Paris were tragic, and they brought out controversy between Canadians. According to an Angus Reid. Institute poll 54 percent of Canadians oppose Trudeaus plan to bring over 25, 000 refugees by Jan 1,2016. In contrast 42percent moderately or strongly support bringing them over. I feel this is because people don’t know much about refugees or the system they are brought in under. This shows in the posts going around on social media.
First the identified attackers in the Paris attacks appear to be Belgian or French.
Refugees are different than immigrants because they don’t choose to settle permanently in another country they are forced to flee.

Think about that. These people have no choice but to leave their home lands. They have witnessed war that you and I will never see. They could have already been staying in a camp for years before coming here. 

All refugees are screened. They are screened to ensure there are no issues releated to security, criminality or health. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) works with its security partners such as the Canada Border Services Agency
This income support is typically provided for up to one year or until the client becomes self-sufficient, whichever comes first

Canada supports refugees for about a year or until they are self-sufficient. And Canada gets back most of what it spends on refugees. They’re obliques to repay the cost of transportation and their initia medical assessment-with interest.

Canada doesn’t spend more on refugees than on retirees. Not even close.

So there goes all those worries. 

Another thing Canadians aren’t thinking about is the population and the economy. Canada like Germany had a rapidly aging population. A report by the Confeebce Board of Canada says that Canada will need to attract 350,000 immigrants annually by 2035(up from 260,404 in 2014) to sustain the economy

Next Canada post I’ll talk about the Muslim what ever you want to call it that’s been taking place in Canada. 


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