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Running in dreams 

Posted this in 2013 mayhaps written during that year too. 

Running in Dreams 

I’ve cried my eyes dryFallen for lies, blind.                                  Naive, I couldn’t understand.                Spent days debating,                                          A hundred lines contemplating.    Drowning, my fear.                                        That soon I’ll loose,                            Everything I hold dear.                                       I loose sight so easily,                                 Quick to forget what’s inside of me.             So I’m continually running,                 During the day and in my sleep.             Trying to find my way, but it’s steep.




2 thoughts on “Running in dreams 

  1. I love how this is composed. It could be read two ways: by seperate columns like a traditional article or by putting the columns together and reading straight left-to-right. It’s comprehensible no matter how it’s read. Thank you for sharing.

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