The Christmas vs. Holiday debate 

So it’s that time of year where I decorate my house with stockings, lights, reindeers, snow men and my Christmas tree. I’ve always used Christmas as the word describing many things about this time of year and the celebration that takes place. I stil do most of the time but I may start making a concious effort into saying holidays because I believe that Christmas is a Christian term for the holiday. Christ and ‘christ’mas. I in no way give gifts or decorate in celebration of the birth of Jesus. I do it because it’s the holidays and I’m appreciating the people in my life and celebrating another years end. 

I think that on its own makes the debate about the term Christmas being traditional a fail. The tradition in the word Christmas is the celebration of Christs birth so if your not doing that then the name is unimportant. 

The Christmas tree for example is a horrible name and holiday tree would be better when naming something that is now used by so many people of different religions and non religious people.

The Christmas tree is said to have originated from Pagan beliefs. Pagans bring evergreens inside in December and decorate them to celebrate winter soltice. The modern Christmas tree originated in the 16th century in Germany. Paradeisbaum” (paradise trees) were brought into homes to celebrate the Feast of Adam and Eve on DEC. 24. 

When I make Christmas cards I sometimes write ‘Happy Holidays!’ and other times I write ‘Merry Christmas!’ Either way I’m still wishing the person joy.
Santa clause being green 


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